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Hello, and welcome to henshin_heroes, a fan community dedicated to the beautiful and talented men who play the heroes, villains and sidekicks in tokusatsu shows such as the Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Ultraman franchises, and many others.

★ So what can you post here? Anything, as long as it has to do with toku actors. There are many places out there where you can talk about the shows, characters, mecha, etc. This community is a place where fans can talk about the actors in them, share their pictures, videos, news, etc, and socialize with other fans who love the men behind the mask.

A    R E Q U E S T

★ While this comm is open to posting about any guys who have been in tokusatsu, there are a few actors who are a lot more famous and have many comms for fans to post at, but many more actors who have no other place where their fans can post about them. We ask everyone to avoid flooding this comm with a million posts about only the same few big name drama/Tenimyu guys, and if you want to share news/files about them, we prefer quality over quantity (eg. group the most recent news/scans/files in one quality post, instead of a million small posts crossposted everywhere.

We definitely encourage posting about the lesser know actors as much as you want, tough. The more we see of these under-appreciated guys, the better!


All media-sharing posts must be members-locked. That means scans, icons, music, videos, episodes, media requests, anything that is not general discussion/news. Please see this post for specific rules on posting music and series episodes.

★ Normal LJ etiquette applies: LJ-cut big pictures, long text, fanfiction, embedded videos, etc. Don't change the default font of your post to red/pink/huge/tiny/all bolded/sparkly text, and please don't speak in StIcKY CaPs and fangirl Japanese.

★ Requests are only allowed if you contribute something in return. Want to request? Share some goodies/bribes in your post. Never demand people share, they'll share if they can/want to. And check the tags to see if it hasn't been posted before.

For things that are brand new: 1) hit google and find out if what you want has been released yet before you request; and 2) don't request things the very same day they are released. Give the people who are buying things some time to enjoy their goods before it's all over the web.

★ No wanking, catfighting, bashing actors (that includes no posting 2ch scandal rumors), attacking comm members, generally no starting drama. Play nice, keep the place friendly for everyone.

★ Have fun! :D



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